MULTAN - The Pattan Development Organisation and Women's Concerns Network jointly held a conference and rally to mark the International Women's Day at Multan Arts Council and overhead bridge.

The gathering was a representative of women of Pakistan with hundreds of female participants from 3 provinces and more than 25 districts across the country. Furthermore female participants of the event were from different social movements, groups, associations and professional arenas namely; religious minorities, nurses association, lady police, lawyers association, doctors association, government officials, professors, writers and intellectuals etc. The event also had participation from representatives of political parties inclusive of PML-N, the PPP and MQM etc.

The main theme of the event was "Women and upcoming General Elections 2013" with main objective to highlight the predicament the woman of Pakistan faces today where she has the right to vote but does not possess the freedom to exercise this right at her own will.

Later on, addressing the conference Ms Surraiya Multanikar, Shakir Hussain Shakir, Prof Salahuddin Haider, Dr Gloria Almas and others said that the elected leaders were never true representatives of the common people as they did not come from the masses, who were poverty stricken and marginalised. They urged the participants of the event especially the women to strengthen their foothold and continue their struggle for their rights with the same vigour and commendable spirit.

At the culmination of the event all participants organized at the overhead bridge of Pul Mauj Darya, Multan to conduct a rally. The rally was marked by slogans that demanded that women be extended their due rights and gender inequality and discrimination are brought to an end with women given a due representation in the democratic and political processes.