Hassan Jawwad
KARACHI - It is the need of the hour for our country to give real approaches to harvesters how to make double mango production which ultimately boost its export and push up the economy.
This was stated by AQ Khan Durrani Chief Executive of Durrani Associates, while talking to The Nation in an exclusive interview.  Lacks of modern harvesting techniques are badly hampering mango production in the country. Around 80 percent mango producers are unable to get maximum production due to unawareness of plugging, he said.
He further said that Pakistan is the sixth largest producer of mangoes with a total production capacity of around 1.8 million tons a year. However, he said, the country exports only 8pc of its production while up to 30pc is wasted due to multiple reasons ranging from primitive agricultural techniques to lack of processing and storage facilities on a large scale.
Durrani said it is necessary for any farmer to know the agricultural requirement of the area for the best future results of any crop which is changed after every hundred kilometers in our region.
If farmers take pre-harvest initiatives that would be very fruitful, especially to adopt the plugging techniques and have an idea for water supply because mismanaged water brings negative impact not only for production but also disturb yielding for future.  In past, Pakistani mangoes haven’t access in developed countries due to lake of modern processing technology which is being considered compulsory in a bid to access huge market, he added.
He said that it was 1988 when Pakistani mango entered in the Canadian market by air and 10 kilogram boxes were sold at the rate of Canadian $21. That was the golden era of Pakistani as the current price of 10 kg mango packs in international market us around $10.
Now, he claimed, we are able to easily double our mango export in a year by using latest techniques .
Talking about the current scenario, Durrani said as Pakistani mangoes are being liked in the world because of its taste and aroma that was why we are trying to capture new markets like New Zealand and South Africa for current year export , he said and added that “Most probably, we’ll have good news in this regard,” he added.
He said as Durrani Associates is a major market player exporting to 11 markets can estimate the country would dispatch around 160,000 tons of mangoes to international markets in the coming season. If this dream realised, this will be a 15pc rise from 140,000 tons exported last fiscal year.