I can’t make up my mind whether it is more dangerous to live in Islamabad, or Johar Town in Lahore. If Johar Town has seen two occurrences of multiple murders in recent times, with the latest being a mother murdering her own two children, Islamabad’s district courts suffered multiple killings, including of an additional sessions judge. It’s hard enough when a judge is not safe even in his own courtroom. But then, little children expect to be safe with their mother. It seems they aren’t. If what their mother says is true, they had a hard time ahead of them, with the extended family being involved in the flesh trade. Their father was addicted to hashish, which is bad enough, though I doubt if it would have been too much to expect of the kids to have known that their father didn’t do heroin. Assuming of course, that he didn’t. Since heroin came on the scene, back in the 1980s, two false assumptions arose. First, that any drug addiction had to be a heroin addiction, as if opium or hashish were no longer addictive. And second, that doing hash is some sort of guard against heroin.
It’s something of a poser for the local police, which only last month had to handle the murder of seven people, by the eighth, who then committed suicide. That too was an economic killing, by a cancer patient whose treatment was not being paid for. The latest was also an economic killing, by a mother who could not feed her children. She may also have objected to the trade her husband’s family engaged in, but her real concern would have been for her children, whom she did not want earning their living the traditional way.
It was a rather harsh event to happen just before International Women’s Day, and the killing of a young and upcoming woman lawyer in Islamabad also pointed towards the fact that women face problems both at home and in the workplace in the world as a whole, including Pakistan.
The attack on the Islamabad courts was not economic though, unless one remembers that those who had gone there had done so because they wanted to earn their livings. Those committing the murders had done so because they wished to earn spiritual reward that way, Yes, I know, that might seem a poor way of earning spiritual reward, but that’s how it is.
I assume the attackers didn’t see the spiritual reward in obeying the Tehrik Taliban Pakistan ceasefire order. The motive of the attack was not economic, though, nor was its result, which seemed to be nothing. After the 23 captured Frontier Constabulary were killed, came this attack, almost as if the talks not being stopped by the killing of military personnel, those wanting to stop them tried civilians. However, the government was adamant. Not only would it buy electricity from India, as was decided last week, but it also continued with the talks.
And meanwhile, more economic causes were visible in the deaths of children in the Thar desert. of Starvation. What was faced by the mother in Johar Town. Those deaths perhaps could not have been avoided had there been no Youth Festival in Punjab or Sindh Festival in Sindh, but there has been much criticism aimed at both. It should be noted that the Sindh government had to be galvanized by Bilawal Bhutto Zardari into action, almost as if Qaim Ali Shah only found out from him that there was a drought in Thar.
I wonder why he is taking instructions from the ex-President’s son. Where is the ex-President? Perhaps too busy betting on the Asia Cup matches, which have been going according to the wishes of the Bombay bookies. Bangladesh was beaten by Afghanistan, and India by Pakistan. The first win meant that there was one win against the odds, and the second meant that, apart from the betting being upset, India would not have Virat Kohli as permanent captain after Mahinder Singh Dhoni returned from injury. Dhoni is named as one of those who, in the Indian 2020 Championship, in the IPL, was involved in matchfixing. He was in good company, that of the Indian cricket chief’s son-in-law.
Sri Lanka duly beat Pakistan on Saturday, that there were a lot of patriotic bets by Pakistanis on Pakistan. However, Sri Lanka had beaten Pakistan in the league match before the final. Pakistan almost lost to Bangladesh also, which was not a good sign for the final. Bangladesh almost beat India in what was a dead match, showing that it has improved as a team, which either means that Afghanistan has improved very much to become a contender, or that the Bangladesh-Afghanistan match was ‘in the book’ as they say.
With so many matches ‘in the book’, what price the Kashmiri students expelled for supporting Pakistan against India. Pakistan winning made it worse.
One can see the possibilities. After all, it’s not only individual actions that can be bet on. The natural ebb and flow of the game means that the result could be bet on, in some cases right to the end, in most matches long into the second innings. Just as wrestling matches are fixed, so will cricket matches, and thus tournaments. After all, what do you expect with India dominating all cricket after the latest ICC changes?