THARPARKAR- The situation in the desert district of Tharparkar is still alarming as children continue to die of starvation and malnutrition especially in the remote areas where no relief team has reached yet.
According to reports, people are losing hope and are now marching towards Mithi, the headquarters of both the government and private relief teams. Those in the distant areas, who cannot afford to travel to Mithi, are still waiting for relief.

The reports said only 900 bags of flour could be distributed in Tharparkar out of the 47,000 bags sent for the drought-affected population. The slow pace of the relief work and distribution of wheat by the government have fallen short of the requirement. Hospitals are overcrowded and no additional arrangements have been made to accommodate the patients.

Chachro is one of the areas of Tharparkar where the relief operation has not yet started. Several prominent members of the Sindh government have visited the famine-hit areas but relief activities are still facing delay due to which the affected people have been forced to move to other places. Pakistan Army and different political and religious parties’ relief camps have been set up to provide food and medicine in Tharparkar .