All it took for a small country like UK, to establish its colonial empire across the globe was to exploit internal squabbles, divide people, weaken them militarily by creating an environment of deadly battles, between various tribes on ethnic, religious or linguistic issues and move in to establish their hold. This ‘Divide and Rule’ policy has been adopted by every nation with ambitions for territorial expansion or strengthening their economic stronghold over countries with abundance of natural wealth, but lacking in human resource development and capacity to defend themselves.

Any Arab country, with potential of developing its human resources is today a victim of engineered internal strife, divided across sectarian or tribal strife. Iraq, Libya and Syria, ruled by comparatively moderate regimes with hopes and ambitions of Arab Solidarity stand destroyed through intrigue with only one objective in mind, which is to strengthen Zionist hold over Middle East. The vacuum created has been filled by ISIS.

Netanyahu, while addressing US Congress, has very clearly stated that “friend of our enemy is also our enemy,” which should awaken Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt etc to bitter fate that awaits them. This is no time for Muslim World to be divided on sectarian grounds, but to be united on common grounds and long term national interests. Every country, including Israel has right to exist within defined borders.

Is it a coincidence that Israel and Saudi monarchy, have both embarked on an offensive to isolate Iran, economically and militarily, deprive it the right to develop its nuclear capability for peaceful use, when Israel alone in Mid-East possess a huge stockpile of nuclear weapons and missile technology to deliver them, with unmatched conventional weapons superiority in quantity and technological superiority compared to rest of Arab world?

No religion, including Jewish faith justifies annihilation of unarmed civilians in Gaza, or occupation of Arab land through pre-emptive attacks justifying them as anticipatory self defense, but it is Zionist mindset, of its rulers like Moshe Dayan and Netanyahu, who aspire to adopt the role of Nazi’s with mission of ever expanding borders, concentration camps, ethnic cleansing etc such as it has adopted in occupied territories.


Lahore, March 5.