The world over, there is certain protocol followed, when a foreign dignitary arrives in a country. But as usual Pakistan fails to follow any such protocol. The meeting between Foreign Secretary of India and our Prime Minster must have come across as a shut up call for all those who were criticising Mr. Modi’s extravagant show at President Obama arrival in India. Pakistani media had jumped in to discussion and analysis and criticise the Indian Prime Minister’s move, which was aimed at national interest and not for any personal gain. This regard was given to a peer, on the other hand, our PM’s overzealous reception of the Foreign Secretary of India, is disgusting and subject for criticism. It shows that our national narrative has come to a point, that the third tier officials are to received by head of state!

I am not against peace nor am I a hate campaigner but this is an issue of national honour. Desire for peace is worthy and no effort should be spared, but a famous proverb goes as ‘Peace prevails among equals’. A desire for peace must not be at the cost of our national dignity (if any has been spared). India and Pakistan are both sovereign states and the Prime Minister is the head of a nation. His desire to be ‘peace broker’ and dreaming for a Nobel Prize should not damage remnants of national prestige.


Bahawalpur, March 3.