Before the World Cup started, everyone predicted the top 8 teams in the world to go through in the quarterfinals. For most, the fun part of the tournament was going to begin from the next round when all the lesser teams were out of the running. That changed yesterday. Bangladesh defeated England to make their way into the quarterfinals. It’s quite an unexpected turnaround. The Bangladesh cricket team has been around for a while but this is a special time for them. They will most probably play India in the quarters. Just the fact that the Bangladeshi cricket team has a chance to qualify for the World Cup semi final will give them sleepless nights out of sheer excitement. Even though the chances are extremely slim but anything can happen. No one expected England not to qualify for the quarterfinals but here we are. Words probably cannot explain how disappointing it must be for the England team. They have not just lost a place in the quarterfinals but lost it to a team they would be able to beat 9 out of 10 times. It’s a horrible outcome for the new captain Eoin Morgan. He was appointed to lead the team just a month before the World Cup. That is one of the reasons they have not been able to pull through. It takes time for a new captain to settle in especially when he is so out of form himself. Some drastic changes will be made in the team when they get back to England. However, in the meantime, the spotlight is on the Bangladeshi team. It was about time they proved themselves and what a way to finally do it.

–Shaan Tahir