KARACHI - MQM convener Nadeem Nusrat yesterday strongly denied the rumours being spread about the health of MQM chief Altaf Hussain, terming them baseless and false.

Nusrat stated in certain terms that Altaf Hussain was completely fine and performing his day-to-day personal and organizational affairs as usual. He said Hussain was constantly in touch with the Coordination Committee, different wings and office-bearers of the party.

Nusrat said the rumours about the health of the MQM chief were being deliberately spread in order to create confusion and despondency among the sympathisers and workers of Muttahida.

“These rumours are being spread by the lackeys of the establishment, who have hatched a conspiracy to destroy MQM or weaken it,” he said.

Nusrat appealed to the MQM workers and sympathisers not to give ear to these rumours and maintain unity. He was sure that all conspiracies against Muttahida would fail as had happened in the past.