Islamabad - The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has alleged that Capital Development Authority is not cooperating with it in investigation into the illegal katchi abadis (slums) case.

The FIA authorities believe that unnecessary delay on part of the CDA high-ups in sharing the outcome of a fact-finding inquiry in the creation of the aktchi abadis in Islamabad was causing delay in the proceedings. According to a letter written by Director FIA Inam Ghani to the chairman CDA, a copy of which is exclusively available with The Nation, the CDA high-ups were time and again asked to share the details of the fact-finding inquiry the CDA had conducted so that the FIA could proceed in the light of the observations but the authority did not comply with the directions.

According to the letter, the CDA high-ups were asked on December 2, 2015 to hold a fact-finding enquiry in the creation of katchi abadis in Islamabad and provide the recommendations and fix responsibility against the concerned officials of CDA within 20 days. The FIA also reminded the CDA high-ups on December 28, 2015 on the subject but the CDA high-ups did not move. It is to mention here that the FIA had already provided the lists of the responsible to the CDA. “The said report along with specific recommendation and record is still awaited after a lapse of 2 months,” said the letter. The FIA on February 24, 2016, once again, requested the CDA to provide the enquiry report at the earliest for further necessary action; otherwise, the letter added “this agency would be constrained to think that the authority is not cooperating in this regard, forcing this agency to take action on its own.”

Some months back, the FIA had booked over 40 CDA officials for their alleged failure to check mushroom growth of illegal slums during the past several years in the city. However, the authority took exception to the arrest of its officials by the FIA, saying the FIA was itself interpreting the requisitioned information pertaining to the posting of CDA officials on the posts responsible for checking illegal settlements in the city. “It may please be clarified to all concerned dealing with the CDA cases that the lists provided by the CDA (posting record of CDA officers/officials to fix responsibility in illegal katchi abadis case) are only identifying the incumbency status and posting profiles as are being requisitioned by FIA and are in no way indicating names of responsible officers/officials. In case, it is required to fix responsibility, the CDA may be given sufficient time to inquire and communicate the names of responsible officials,” the CDA had written to the FIA investigators. However, the CDA is yet to share the details of the enquiry with the FIA which is causing delay in the investigations.