HAFIZABAD: The Hafizabad-based staff of the Election Commission of Pakistan has protested against the “unjust” attitude of the district accounts officer for not arranging conveyance allowance and honoraria approved by the ECP for them.

The staff led by District Election Officer Aamir Javed demonstrated in front of the office of the DCO for the uncalled for attitude of the District Accounts officer for not approving their bills. They said that even the gratuity, pension and GP Fund of deceased watchman of the office has not yet been paid to the dependants of the deceased. Moreover, the Election Commission of Pakistan has approved honoraria for election duties but the District Accounts Officer is dilly-dallying with his tactics and creating unnecessary problem to the staff. The DEC further said that the official vehicle is being used for official duties but the District Accounts Officer was making objection for the payment of conveyance allowance.–Staff Reporter

Officer accused of bribe

JHANG: The district accounts officer of Jhang has been accused of abusing power, demanding bribe and of making unreasonable objections on the bills of contractors of ongoing development projects. However, the director general accounts works has declared these objections unnecessary and ordered for payments, some of the contractors alleged that he openly demands heavy bribe from them to pass their bills. He stops the bills of those contractors who refused to fulfill his bribe demand, they added. On the other side, director general accounts works Punjab has rejected all the objections imposed by him and has ordered him for payments of contractors. All Contractors of Highway and building departments including District President Arif Pehlwan have demanded suspension of the allegedly corrupt district accounts officer.–Staff Reporter