Literacy was highly valued by our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) and a nation can never progress without improving the education standard of its country. We as a nation will fail to compete with the numerous challenges of 21st century world if we continue to ignore our education system. The way, we are maltreating our educated section of our society especially the jobless youth shows we are not serious with the future of our country and coming generations.

I am MSc Physics with a good first division but I belong to a very poor family and have no strong political reference thus I am jobless. Only I can feel that through which situation my poor parents went to got me postgraduate in science from a good reputed university but since last three years I am jobless and I am working in a private school on a very minimum salary.

I was shocked when I visited a relative home months later of the final selections for the said posts and there I came to know that a girl in their neighbourhood was appointed on a post with grade higher than post I had applied for. Interestingly not only her qualification is BSc as well as her percentage is very low in matric, FSc and BSc but yet she is appointed. I have no jealousy and adverse feeling for her for her fortunate appointment but why was I rejected even with a higher qualification is making me sad and disappointed. I am feeling sorry for my degree, for my poor parents and for the face and future of my beloved country and its people and especially for our coming generations that how badly their rights to be humiliated in the hands of black sheep of our society. Will nepotism, bribery, sycophancy and political references continue to rule in our country to humiliate the poor and oppressed section of our society?

I appeal to the Chief Minister Punjab Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharrif and Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan to please restore the trust of the people of Pakistan on this system by conducting pure, fair and judicial inquiry by honest officers.


Kallar Syedan, February 18.