LAHORE - Former PPP federal minister Khalid Khan Kharl yesterday announced to move the Supreme Court for a ban on MQM after Mustafa Kamal blamed Muttahida for having links with RAW.

Kharl who had quit the PPP some three years ago told a press conference here that government was committing criminal negligence by not taking action after startling revelations made by MQM’s disgruntled leader and former Karachi mayor Mustafa Kamal and others about RAW funding to MQM. “Important members of the MQM have disclosed that Altaf Hussain and his associates have confessed to the British Authorities that the MQM has been receiving funding from India and that the MQM workers have been trained by RAW. It is indeed hardly less than tragic to imagine the apathy on the part of our government to ignore such serious matters ”.

Khalid Kharl, who now chairs a think-tank, National Institute for Political Education, NIPE, said in this with Munir Ahmad Khan, chief coordinator, Mian Tahir Hameed, vice chairman, Haider Ali Khan general secretary and Tahir Khaleeque media incharge of the Institute accompanied by him. He said in the first place onus was on the government to file a reference against MQM and if it failed his institute would do so dragging the government into it too. He said they would like know through the SC that why the government neglected its constitutional duty when very survival of the motherland was threatened at the hand of the foreign spy agency and evidence was available in this regard.

He also wondered why prime minister did not issue any policy statement nor call for an inquiry into the matter. “It is not the time to observe expediencies but to act in the larger interest of the country.”

Kharl highly appreciated Rangers-led operation in Karachi. He also lauded the NAB for trying to root out corruption from the country through its pro-active steps in the past few weeks.

“It is tragic that the government is falling to the political expediencies and is reluctant in taking strong action to safeguard its citizens and the country. We urge the government to take strong action against the criminal and anti-state elements in the MQM. The Urdu-speaking people of Karachi are very patriotic and would not tolerate the charges of foreign funding and RAW training,” he added.