LAHORE - The Young Pharmacists Association (YPA), Young Doctors Association Pakistan (YDA-P) and Patients Rights Forum (PRF) have alleged by increasing narcotics quota of sellers, the government was making the people addicts.

Addressing a press conference at Lahore Press Club yesterday, PRF President Dr Noor Mahar, YPA General Secretary Dr Haroon Yousaf, Vice President Dr Muhammad Ahmad, Joint Secretary Dr Hina Shaukat, YDA Pakistan President Dr Rana Sohail, Vice President Dr Samra Majeed and General Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi gave reference of Minister’s letter and an ad published in newspaper on March 2, 2016.

They alleged that Minister’s letter was bribe for narcotics mafia, as it approved increase in quota to all sellers. “Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers’ Association (PPMA) and others have illegally increased prices of medicines.

The ads given by mafia are clearly reflecting the collusion of narcotics mafia and corrupt officials in Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) and Ministry of Health,” they alleged.

Dr Haroon Yousaf said that there was no computerized system in DRAP, no data record of any medicine either that was registered or deregistered. Even there was no record of prices of medicines.

Dr Noor Mahar said that Ministry of Health and DRAP were befooling the people by showing advertisement of their achievements on media, which was based on lies. Further, since 1976, the government was collecting 1 per cent share from the pharmaceutical companies in the name of research and development but this fund has never been used for this purpose.

The YPA, PRF and YDA, Pakistan have demanded Prime Minister, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Chief Ministers and Minister for Health to make available all the medicines at its original price as per rates in 2013; make available all the lifesaving medicines in the market and take notice of unavailability lifesaving medicines; remove DRAP’s top official sitting illegally; reduce excessive quota of narcotics for pharmaceutical companies and give equal share as per demand; and dissolve DRAP and delegate authority to all the provinces.