WAZIRABAD: PPP leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that as soon as the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) targeted irregularities Lahore, the PML-N leaders started screaming and adopted anti NAB attitude as they had bulldozed the Supreme Court in the past.

He was addressing newsmen at the residence of Ijaz Ahmad Cheema who is contesting election from NA 101. Kaira stated that Karachi operation was started during PPP regime and no objection was raised. “Now when NAB has changed its direction towards Lahore, they have started crying. Big brother says NAB is a humiliating institution while Shahbaz Sharif claims he has many a proof against NAB,” he said. He added that if Shahbaz Sharf has proof against NAB, he should present it before the nation. If he is not going to do so then he will be constitutionally, legally and morally a convict, he said. “Mian brothers when have power, they become Gullu Butt and when out of power they seem Ulloo Butt,” he said.

Mian brothers, whenever probed, they even bulldozed the Supreme Court and humiliated courts. Contrary to this, the People’s Party always have honoured the courts and showed patience in all circumstances, he said. NAB’s system is legal and constitutional, he added. “Shahbaz Sharif is not man of word. He had claimed in 2013 to solve electric crisis within 2 months, six months and then two years and will change his name if he could not do so but he neither solve the crisis nor changed his name so far. Similarly, now he has claimed that if a single penny corruption is proved on him then he will leave politics forever,” he said.

He added that PIA’s major expense is oil which is now is at lower level. Oil price was 140 dollars per barrel in the PPP tenure and many an airline of the world was in crisis but PIA remained operational properly, he said. Now when oil price is at 35 dollars per barrel, surprisingly PIA has gone into loss and Fleet of plans is reduced up to 18 from 38, he regretted. –Staff Reporter