ISLAMABAD - Former interior minister Senator Rehman Malik yesterday said the United States should not see Pakistan’s nuclear programme with Indian eye.

Earlier, US Secretary of State John Kerry pressed Pakistan to reduce its nuclear arsenal. Citing the example of the US and Russia which are working to reduce their nuclear arsenals, Kerry asked Pakistan to understand this reality and review its nuclear policy. “I think, it is important for Pakistan to really process that reality and put that front and centre in its policy,” Kerry said in an apparent reference to the reports that Pakistan has the fastest growing stockpile of nuclear weapons in the world.

His remarks come ahead of this month’s Nuclear Security Summit to be hosted here by President Barack Obama that would be attended by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Pakistan said it will not accept any unilateral curbs on its nuclear programme and that any reduction should apply to India as well and the US should also consider its concerns on the growing weapons disparity.

Rehman Malik said Pakistan’s nuclear assets were in safe hands and that Pakistan’s command and control system was unbeatable. “The US must stop watching Pakistan’s nuclear programme with Indian eye as Pakistan’ sacrifices against terrorism are more than any other country of the world,” he said at a media interaction here. The US or any other country of the world, he said, does not need to worry about our Pakistan’s nuclear programme. “Pakistan is fighting a fierce war against terrorists on front line hence US should fully support Pakistan rather to question its nuclear strength and power as Pakistan’s nuclear power is paired with regional stability to which the country is committed,” he added.

Senator Malik expressed great concerns and disappointment over John Kerry’s opinion that Pakistan should consider cutting down its nuclear arsenal.

Reinforcing his earlier demand of registering a First Information Report in India regarding the Samjhuata Express terror attack, Senator Malik said Prime Minister Narendra Modi should handover the copy of the FIR to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharrif in their upcoming meeting in US.

Rejecting Muttahida Qaumi Movement dissident Mustafa Kamal’s allegations, he said Kamal used his name for cheap publicity and to get maximum attention otherwise there is no truth in his any claims.

He said in his meetings with MQM and Altaf Hussain neither MQM-RAW links were ever discussed nor any Pakistani Intelligence Agency ever briefed him on alleged MQM-RAW links.

Senator Malik said that meeting with MQM leadership were not any illegal act as every successive governments formed alliance with MQM and MQM had been remained part of Nawaz Sharif and General Pervez Musharraf’s governments.

The PPP leader said even the present President of Pakistan Mamnon Hussain was elected by the MQM votes.

Malik said his legal team was examining the statement of Mustafa Kamal and he will decide about it after consultation with the PPP leadership to move to court against him.

He said that in second press conference Kamal refused to say anything about him despite a reporter insistence.