Former MQM leader and Rabta Committee members Waseem Aftab and Iftikhar Alam have joined Mustafa Kamal’s party, Waqt News reported. Both members are considered among the pioneers of MQM.

While addressing a press conference Waseem Aftab stated that almost 15,000 people have died due to MQM.

“I have been member of MQM since 1987 and have fought for our ideology. But now the time has come that the name of MQM has become a threat and people fear us,” he said. “After I became the Rabta Committee member, the truth was gradually revealed. Allah helps only those who have the heart to stand for truth and against the cruel.”

The former MQM leader further said that during the last tenure the party neither remained part of the government nor went against it. “We could not get benefits for people of Karachi from PPP,” he said. “I have read a lot in last three years and came to know that standing with truth is the real purpose of life. Standing against Yazeed and supporting Hussain is the most difficult thing to do in life.”

“We have to end the politics of division because it is not the real purpose of MQM,” he said. “The leader of MQM has used us workers like toilet paper, especially during last Baqr Eid when we were facing difficulties in collecting animal hides. But still Altaf Hussain ordered us to do it as he only cares about his luxuries and comfort.”

Aftab said Altaf Hussain does not care for the life of his workers. “Our dead bodies have been rotting on the roads. Although we make enemies and vowed that we will sacrifice ourselves for him but he never cared about us.”

He said that party workers were the most patriotic people. “Our forefathers have sacrificed for this country. But today we have been called RAW agents. Our educated individuals have come under the influence of this person and are ruining their lives. We are not RAW agents, we are Pakistanis. I ask everyone to become part of this platform which is here to unite people of Karachi.”

Iftikhar Alam said that he is resigning from his Provincial Assembly seat and MQM membership. “It was up to me to either remain silent or be part of this resilient voice,” he said. “The turning point for me was yesterday when I had to praise Altaf Hussain while lying to people of my own constituency.”

Alam said Altaf Hussain always asked the party members to give sacrifice, while living a luxurious life in London.

“After doing all the hard work around the clock and leaving our family, we never got any praise from Altaf Hussain,” he said. “Altaf Hussain’s hunger for dead bodies will never end as he always wants more for his own politics. He even demands in meetings to increase the rate of dead. Our fellows are in jail and their families are suffering but the MQM top leadership never cares for them as there are always just paper claims.”

Alam said MQM workers have given lives for Altaf Hussain but still have to prove their faith to MQM.

“The MQM leader is egoistic. We have given him a status above being human. I have buried my fellows but top leadership only came for the photo session.”