LAHORE -  Like other parts of the globe, World Kidney Day was observed across the country including Lahore on Thursday to raise awareness about the importance of healthy kidneys.

WKD theme this year is ‘Kidney Disease and Obesity, Healthy Lifestyle for Healthy Kidney’.

Seminars, walks and free diagnostic camps were arranged both at the public and private healthcare centers to raise awareness about preventive measures and timely diagnosis.

Urology and Nephrology departments of Lahore General Hospital arranged a symposium to mark the day.

Addressing the participants, Principal Post Graduate Institute Professor Prof Ghias-un-Nabi Tayyab said that healthy kidneys were essential for human health.

Kidney related complications are on rise throughout the world and every 5th person in the American and European countries were victims of the disease. In Pakistan presently more than 20 million people are facing this disease. The basic awareness about kidneys is necessary for everyone, therefore media must play its role in this regard, he said.

The speakers said that medical research conducted throughout the world health proved that obesity not only affect kidneys but also causes high blood pressure and diabetes. The function of kidneys in the human body is to clean the blood, to keep balance among minerals and to control acidity in the human stomach.

About 18 per cent male and 21 per cent female population can fall prey to obesity up till 2025. They said that major reason for the kidney problems in Pakistan were diabetes and blood pressure. They observed that diabetes, blood pressure, infection, obesity were the factors which must be controlled to overcome kidney diseases.

They were off the view that process of kidney transplant was much complicated in Pakistan. They said that a large number of poor patients could be helped if government makes the process of kidney transplant easier. They urged the masses to immediately approach doctors in cause of kidney problem. They should drink more water and adopt the habits of taking balanced food and having regular exercise, they said.

Nephrology department of Fatima Memorial Hospital held a kidney camp to coincide with WKD. All the patients were clinically diagnosed and given free consultation by specialists in the field.

To meet the growing needs of the patients, Fatima Memorial Hospital has been providing clinical evaluation of all kinds of kidney diseases and Heamo-dialysis to patients suffering from kidney diseases through its dialysis center operational since 2004.

Most of the patients are dialyzed twice weekly which takes around 8 hours per week and certain dialysis machines have been dedicated exclusively for Hepatitis C patients. 

An average of 7,000 dialysis are done annually at FMH out of which 50 percent are either free of cost or at subsidized rates. The treatment is expensive thus not affordable by most of the patients and the costs are borne by the hospital directly and through the generosity of philanthropists. 

Free medical camps were also established at Shalamar Hospital and Shaikh Zayed Hospital where patients were provided free medicines.