LAHORE - GE has announced its new global powering efficiency Centre of Excellence (COE), which brings together cross-business experts in its energy businesses to apply a total plant hardware and software solution approach to boost the efficiency of the world’s new and existing coal-fired power plants and significantly reduce their emissions.

The global COE, headquartered in Baden, will create integrated solutions as well as provide vision and oversight around the world. Regional teams will focus on engineering capabilities and local execution.

The COE will bring together the combined experience of a cross-business group of experts from GE’s power services, steam power systems, global research center and other business units.

The COE aligns with GE’s recent study that found carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the world’s steam fleet can be reduced by 11 percent when existing hardware and software solutions are fully applied. Coal-fired power generation provides electricity for about 40 percent of the world.  It also accounts for nearly 75 percent of the electricity sector’s carbon emissions because many plants are older and inefficient. “The world’s coal-fired power generation assets are critical to meet the everyday energy needs of communities and industry not just today but also well into the foreseeable future, while GE works across various fuel sources, including renewable energy sources.

“We recognise the urgent need for efficient coal solutions to reduce emissions and bring reliable energy online,” said Joseph Anis, President and CEO of GE’s power services business in the Middle East and Africa.