Many dargahs in Sindh which attract thousands of their followers visiting them every day are vulnerable for any terrorist attack because of an ineffective system of security. Dargah of Hazrat Lal Shehbaz Qalandar was attacked on a Thursday evening by the followers of ignorance, who turned the premises of dargah into a bloodbath. This is a very renowned dargah of the province and was never safe and secure against any terror attack but luckily it remained unhurt for a long time as the wave of terrorism in the country started from year 2007. It was not a feat of security apparatus that kept the dargah safe, rather it was spared by the terrorists for a long time despite being an easy target. if anyone having a sense of security ever visits the dargah, especially on Friday nights, rajabi (27th Rajab) or the Urs days, he must have realised that the security arrangements for dargah and its visitors were completely missing and presence of a mob like zaireen (followers) are greater incentive for the terrorists to unleash their savagery against humanity. 

The military operation launched against the terrorist groups in year 2014 after the tragic incident of ‘APS Peshawar’ with parliament’s backing, though reluctantly, caused greater damage to the terrorist groups and their network around the country and in the operation the security forces killed many of them while demolishing significantly their safe havens especially in FATA area but due to half-hearted support from the civilian government it seems that the operation could not achieve its set objectives as now it looks that many of terrorists had gone into their sleeping cells and were doing their planning to strike back whenever they find opportunity. The non-seriousness of present government in the fight against the terrorism, has also provided encouragement to these groups to remain intact. The people observed, that the government’s spokespersons in between the lines always criticised military leadership when it was fully engaged in fighting against the terrorists.  

The government never seemed willing to implement the National Action Plan in Punjab so it remained shy to force its implementation in other provinces except in Sindh where the NAP was implement under pressure from the military establishment. obviously for some different reasons. The federal government’s announcement of mapping the Madrasas and their registration remained a hollow slogan. It is now high time both for the federal government and military establishment to sit down once again, take all provinces on board and implement the National Action Plan. 


Karachi, February 18.