LONDON-George Michael’s family is keen to keep details about his funeral under wraps because they don’t want fans turning up to the ceremony while they’re trying to grieve for the legendary singer. The Wham! singer will finally get the send off he deserves this month - 10 weeks after his tragic passing on Christmas Day after a coroner revealed earlier this week that he died of natural causes, but his grieving relatives have decided to keep details about the ceremony close to their chests as they don’t want fans turning up.

According to the Daily Star newspaper, a representative for the legendary star refused to comment on ‘’private matters’’ when asked if funeral details would be released soon.

And the Highgate Cemetery in north London - where George is expected to be buried alongside his mother Lesley - also refused to give an indication about his funeral.

A recorded telephone message at the cemetery said: ‘’If you’re phoning about George Michael, I’m sorry we haven’t got any information for you.’’

George’s body has been kept by the coroner since his death at his home in Oxfordshire in December after the initial post-mortem came back as ‘’inconclusive.’’

Following extensive testing - including toxicology - over the past two and a bit months, it was announced on Monday by the coroner’s office that the ‘Careless Whisper’ hitmaker died of dilated cardiomyopathy with myocarditis and fatty liver.

It was initially thought George may have died from a drugs overdose due to the fact he’s battled with substance abuse in the past but his on/off boyfriend Fadi Fawaz - who found the singer’s body over the festive season - is ‘’really happy’’ the truth is finally out. He said: ‘’I got a call [about the ruling]. I felt happy, now that he can rest peacefully.

‘’Now I can celebrate the life, the love we had, and move on as one. Let him rest. I don’t know what is yet to happen. I keep the happy times just him and me.

‘’I have always kept it between him and I. I have managed for five years not to be famous. I would like to go back to that.’’

George passed away at the age of 53 after his heart failed to pump blood around his body due to an enlarged left ventricle, while his liver was also clogged up with fat.