TOBA TEK SINGH - Punjab Rural Support Programme (PRSP) Project Director Amanullah Khan visited basic health units (BHU) at Chak 737/GB, 712/GB, 714/GB, 706/GB, 269/GB, 264/GB, 388/JB and 325/JB.

He said that during his visit he found that the attendance of staff, availability of essential medicines, supply items, family planning material, vaccine and functionality of essential equipment and utilities were satisfactory. Biometric attendance devices were also functional in all BHUs, he added.

He further stated that cleanliness was maintained satisfactorily and in Toba’s 70 BHUs, 55 posts of medical officers had already been filled and for the recruitment of 15 remaining posts of medical officers and three posts of LHVs , walk in interviews were being conducted on daily basis.