Every year on February 21, it is celebrated globally to commemorate the martyrdom of Bengali students who sacrificed their lives for their mother language almost 65 years ago. In Lahore and other parts of province, this day is celebrated in connection with the demand to make the teaching of Punjabi as a subject and as medium of instruction compulsory at primary level in the beginning and extend it to the degree level gradually. But despite the verdict of Supreme Court announced on September 8, the provisions of Article 251 shall be implemented with full force and without any unnecessary delay by the federal and provincial governments, the clause (3) of article 251 which says, “Without prejudice to the status of the National Language, a Provincial assembly may by law prescribe measures for the teaching, promotion and use of a provincial language in addition to the national language.” 

The government of Punjab has delivered nothing so far. Through your esteemed paper, it is requested that the government of Punjab may carry out proper legislation, in reference to this without further delay, by making the teaching of Punjabi compulsory from primary level in a view to gradually extend it up to degree level as well. 


Lahore, February 19.