PESHAWAR: The militants of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are found to be using a self-destructive messenger app called Telegram for communication in country. 

The militants are not using cellular phones any more to avoid tracking and detection.

The main feature of this app which is 'self-destructible' has helped militants get away with their plans.

“Once a voice message is sent via Telegram app it is deleted automatically from the phone so you have no back-up and that is why it is currently impossible for the police and intelligence agencies to intercept it,” a police official told, adding that this app was the only way of communication in addition to verbal communication in which messengers (people) are sent to inform other members.

He said, “They know very well that communication and talking on the mobile phone is very dangerous as it could be intercepted easily these days so they have devised a very clever policy using this app on one side and have literally reinvented the wheel by using the old and time-tested technique of using people to deliver messages.”

The police and security forces lack the technology to intercept this app.

“With the passage of time, the introduction of technology has changed the entire scenario. It is a game changer, especially when policemen have a phobia for technology while the terrorists do not,” he added.

Official told that many pre-activated SIM cards are also available easily in the market and militants can buy them to use in their activities.