Islamabad - New syndicate of Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU) in its first meeting made a controversial appointment of Director SPIR, as the qualification of incumbent Associate Professor (AP) holds mysterious academic record, an official said on Thursday.

The syndicate appointed Associate Professor Dr Nazir Hussain as Director of the School of Politics and International Relations (SPIR).

The PhD degree of newly appointed director is considered doubtful and has faced inquires in the past, said the source.

The source added, where Vice Chancellor (VC) Javed Ashraf approved the appointment, he also had agreed to initiate an inquiry against the appointee few months before on receiving an application, which raises questions on the qualification of new director SPIR.

In an application against Dr Nazir Hussain, it was alleged that his appointment as AP Defence and Strategic Studies (DSS) in 2009 was not transparent as his PhD was not authentic.

“VC was also informed that concerned university from where Dr Nazir holds his PhD does not hold any official record,” source said. It was also alleged that the PhD thesis of incumbent director was also declared sub-standard by international referees in 2009 in its report.

In 2015, promotion of Dr Nazir to the scale of professor was also put on hold because of inquiry against him regarding his PhD. Source informed The Nation that eligibility committee of QAU had previously rejected the appointment of Dr Nazir as associate professor in university and had also declared his thesis irrelevant.

But, director SPIR sought court, which ordered university to ‘consider’ his thesis. “University, following the orders sent the PhD thesis of Dr Nazir to international referees who in their report didn’t pass the thesis,” source said.

According to source, the director SPIR doesn’t hold any impressive academic record.

“International referees reports are mysterious, as the complainant alleges that they had been intentionally put under the shelf by university administration while the new appointee asks the complainant to produce them if they exists,” source said.

Meanwhile, the qualification of current director SPIR was also challenged in court in 2011 by Dr Muhammad Nasarullah Mirza where the petitioner had pleaded before court to declare the appointment of Dr Nazir Hussain as associate professor illegal.

The petitioner also asked court to determine the genuineness of his PhD and eligibility on merits.

The petitioner sought directions to the effect that respondents be restrained from processing the vacancy of associate professor on the basis of advertisement published in March 2010.

However, court in its verdict issued in 2014 turned down the petition of complainant.

Court, knowing the serious allegation of plagiarism in petitioner’s own foreign PhD thesis had decided that the complainant cannot be considered to have come to the court with clean hands.

The court also said in its verdict of year 2014, that petitioner could not highlight any glaring illegality or circumvention of the procedure which can be considered as arbitrary exercise of authority by the university. The petition was dismissed by the court.

Talking to The Nation Dr Nasarullah Mirza said that 2014 court decision was a separate case where he and Dr Nazir Hussain were contesting for the same post and court turned down his petition.

However, the scrutiny committee had rejected the appointment of Dr Nazir Hussain before that and declared his thesis irrelevant, he said.

Later, his thesis was sent to international referees who declared his work sub-standard, he said.

Dr Nazir Hussain in his response to The Nation said that court in his decisions has cleared him from all charges and allegations against him are baseless.

He said all standard procedures were followed before his appointment in university. He said his case was not approved for Defence and Strategic Studies (DSS) however, was cleared for International Relation department.

The court order issued in 2008, directed the respondents to consider the petitioner’s candidature on merit in the syndicate meeting of year 2008.

Dr Nazir Hussain had supported his argument in court regarding relevance of his thesis with the supporting views of scholars and Higher Education Commission (HEC).

Meanwhile, source informed The Nation that VC reluctantly approved the appointment of Dr Nazir Hussain as Director SPIR.

“The struggle of possessing this post was strong between some groups and VC decided the one who could be less challenging for him,” source said. VC QAU was not available for comments.



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