LOS ANGELES:- Samuel L Jackson has clarified comments he made about British black actors earlier this week. The actor had criticised Hollywood for casting black British actors in films about US race relations. On Monday, he told radio station Hot 97: “I don’t know what the love affair with all that is... we’ve got a lot of brothers here that need to work too.” Jackson has now said his criticism was not of other actors but the Hollywood system in general. “It was not a slam against them, but it was just a comment about how Hollywood works in an interesting sort of way sometimes,” the actor told the Associated Press.

 He was complimentary of the work of black British performers in American roles, but said things were rarely the other way round. We’re not afforded that same luxury, but that’s fine, we have plenty of opportunities to work,” he said. Speaking about his British counterparts, he added: “I enjoy their work... I enjoy working with them when I have the opportunity to do that.”