ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly on Thursday witnessed a brief brouhaha after a ruling party lawmaker called the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief a traitor for his ‘derogatory’ remarks against foreign cricket players.

While speaking on a point of order, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) lawmaker Mian Javed Latif said: “If Sheikh Mujeebur Rahman and Altaf Hussain are termed traitors for their controversial statements against the country. Imran Khan has enticed the people for civil disobedience and asked the people not to pay taxes.” His remarks invited the ire of PTI lawmakers.

Amid serious protest by the PTI lawmakers, Latif criticised the PTI chief for using the word ‘Pathecher’ against the foreign cricket players. “You (PTI MNAs and your leader (Imran Khan) need to learn manners. It seems Imran Khan never wants anything better for the country,” the PML-N lawmaker said mentioning that the PTI chief also gave irresponsible statements ahead of the Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan.

He said that there was dire need of training to teach manners (to PTI chief) as words such as ‘Pathecher and Railugata’ were not good for foreign players.

The PTI lawmakers stood up on their seats and kept asking the chair to give them the floor to respond to the remarks. Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi, however, adjourned the house soon after the PML-N lawmaker finished.

Earlier, PTI lawmaker Murad Saeed on a point of order spoke on the ethnic profiling of Pakhtuns. “There is a need to form a committee to check this profiling of the Pakhtun community,” he said while criticising the statement of Rana Sanaullah. “Why you are not allowing me to speak if you have given me the floor,” he asked the deputy speaker when he asked him to quickly wind up his speech.

Earlier, MQM lawmaker Sajid Ahmed demanded that the government allocate funds for poets and writers. “The government should spell out some funds for Shakir Shuja Abadi. The poet for Seraiki region deserves respect,” he said.