MULTAN - The All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) warned that corrupt elements would enter the assemblies again if elections were held before the accountability of looters and plunderers of national wealth.

APML South Punjab President chapter Dr Farrukh Cheema said, “Therefore, a ruthless across the board accountability of all corrupt politicians should be held before election and entire looted national wealth should be brought back.”

He said that there is no difference between the politics of ex-prime minister Nawaz Sharif and MQM-London leader Altaf Hussain. He said both of them criticise judiciary, army, NAB and other national institutions. Addressing a news conference here at Multan Press Club on Thursday, he warned that the APML would give matching response to the PML-N and stage demonstrations at district level if Nawaz Sharif’s cronies continued to criticise institutions.

He demanded the Chief Justice of Pakistan take notice of horse-trading for senate elections. “What an institution will deliver if its foundations are laid on corruption?” he raised a question. He said that only presidential system could steer the country out of prevailing crisis.

He strongly criticised PPP and said that it was again misleading the masses in the name of Saraiki province. He said that it was only president Musharraf who gave true representation to the women at all levels.

He declared that the APML would hold an historic public meeting in Multan in April. He added that APML president Parvez Musharraf would address the meeting via video link. “Our Quaid will announce future line of action during his speech,” he added.

He stressed upon the residents of South Punjab to rise against oppression and exploitation by takht-e-Lahore and elect such candidates which represented them in true sense. “The people of Saraiki region should elect those representatives who really support Saraiki province. They should not get deceived by political thugs who befool them in the name of roti, kapra aur makaan,” he maintained.

He declared that the APML would unveil true face of Sharif family before the people. “We’ll show how these enemies of Pakistan have friendly ties with anti-Pakistan and anti-Islam people like Moodi and Jandaal,” he added. He strongly condemned Indian aggression on control line and said that entire nation stood with Pak Army. He demanded Army to give matching response to Indian forces.

PEACE RALLY: Mayor Multan Ch Naveedul Haq has said that entire nation needs to promote tolerance and inter-faith harmony to change country’s perception in the world .

Addressing the participants of a peace rally organised by Multan Peace Forum here on Friday, the Mayor added that we needed to strengthen the foundations of sustainable peace for the sake of country’s progress and stability. He said that promotion of peace was imperative for the stability of Pakistan and existence of the nation. “It is need of the hour that entire should speak out loudly for peace,” he asserted. He said that Multan was the land of saints and efforts for promotion of peace were basic traits of this land.

Former provincial minister Ch Abdul Waheed Arrain said that the residents of Multan were peace-loving people. He added that the rally was a big proof that the people wanted peace. He asked the participants of the rally to pay tributes to the Pakistanis who rendered tremendous sacrifices for peace in the country.

Earlier, the participants of the rally marched between Mayor office and his camp office on Vehari Road. They released pigeons as a sign of peace and freedom while people showered rose petals on the marchers. A large number of people from cross section of the society including elected public representatives, traders, sportsmen, civil society activists and women joined the rally.