KASUR - Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Saqib Nisar, during a visit to Red Crescent Medical College, Phoolnagar on Friday ordered the arrest of college vice chairman Dr Shaukat for overcharging the students.

The college students had complained to the chief justice about the inflated fees the college was receiving from them. They accused the college management of overcharging them Rs2-2.5 million much higher than the officially fixed fee of Rs0.8 million. Responding to the students' complaint, the chief justice ordered to seal the account office of the college and directed the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to confiscate the office record and produce it in the court. Chief justice Saqib Nisar also ordered the college management to return extra charges to the students within a week. The students shouted slogans in favour of the chief justice.

Talking to the students, CJP Saqib Nisar assured them of transparent investigation into lack of requisite facilities in the college. The CJP also assured the students of return of all the extra charges they had paid to the college management within a week. "But they can fail us in the exam as a revenge," students feared which the CJ responded that they wouldn't. "We are going to set a uniform fee system in the medical colleges across Pakistan. And those who overcharge the students will be bound to return extra charges," the CJP maintained.

BUS STATIONS LACK SECURITY: Lorry stations across Kasur district lack basic facilities and requisite security measures worrying people traveling on the lorries. A survey report conducted by The Nation reveals that there are witnessed piles of trash on the premises of the lorry stations. Besides, smell emits from the trash annoys passengers waiting for the buses greatly. Moreover, there is no waiting room and the facility of clean drinking water for the passengers at the lorry stations. The stations also lack requisite security measures. The CCTV cameras, installed for the monitoring of the suspects at the stations, have been non-functional since long. It seems that those who administer the affairs of these stations have consigned the government's orders for the public security to dustbin. There is seen no security guard at the stations for frisking of people boarding the buses and checking their luggage. Furthermore, pickpockets are on the loose on the premises of the lorry stations due to poor security and people are continuously being deprived of cash and other valuables. Transporters also add to the woes of passengers by overcharging them.

The social, political and trade circles of the district urged Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif and Kasur DPO Zahid Nawaz Murawwat to take notice of the grave situation and address their problems.

MAN CRUSHED TO DEATH: A middle-aged man was crushed to death by a train while crossing the railway track on Thursday. Khalid Mehmoodo, 55, resident of Smundri tehsil, Faisalabad district was crossing the railway track near the general bus stand when a Karachi-bound train ran over him, cutting him to pieces.