MIRPUR (AJK] - Kashmir Institute of International Relations (KIIR) said that the women in Held Kashmir are facing the worst era of their life due to Indian atrocities in the bleeding vale of Kashmir state.

KIIR Executive Director Sardar Amjad Yousaf, who is heading a Kashmiri delegation to attend the ongoing  37th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva,  said talked to an Arabic TV Channel on Friday on Women’s Day.

He underlined that the valiant Kashmir women in occupied valley were passing the bleak period of their life with traditional boldness and courage as the Indian occupational forces have turned the valley into hell for the people of the state. They have launched indigenous struggle for the liberation of the motherland from Indian clutches since past seven decades in general and for last 27 years in particular, he said.

He said that massive use of lethal weapons, killing, loot and arson, molestation and sexual assault on women have become order of the day by the Indian occupational forces in occupied Kashmir.

Amjad Yousaf pointed out that the philosophy of half-widow in the world emerged from occupied Jammu & Kashmir where thousands of husbands  disappeared. They had been abducted by the  Indian occupational forces including the  intelligence agencies and women are waiting for their missing husbands for many years, he said.

He said that Indians are desperate to change the narrative of Kashmir issue and disclosing the nefarious designs of India. He said that people in the occupied state are facing horrendous situation, un-proportionate military might, detentions and unabated killings.

In this grim situation, the people including women become vulnerable and the human rights organisations are not allowed to visit occupied Kashmir to assess the ugly situation caused by the human rights abuses in the turbulent held valley, he said.

Amjad called upon the comity of nations besides the international human rights organisations to immediately move ahead to get the human rights abuses stopped in the Indian Held Jammu & Kashmir by exerting diplomatic and moral pressure on India.