JHANG - In two separate incidents took place in different parts of Jhang on Friday, three people were killed.

A mishap took place on Jhang-Layyah road near Rodu Sultan where two young men were crushed to death while they were repairing the punctured tyre of their trolley. As per details, 24 years old Hanif Farooqi, a resident of Rodu Sultan, and trolley owner 30 years old Iqbal of Mouza Digree were busy repairing the tyre while the jack slipped and sugarcane loaded trolley fell on them. Resultantly, both the young men were crushed to death on the spot.

In another mishap a young man committed suicide by hanging himself. Reportedly, 14 years old Qaiser Abbas son of Nasir Abbas a resident of Mohallah Qurishina Wala of shorkot hanged himself by a ceiling fan over a petty family issue.