HYDERABAD - The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Karachi organized an awareness seminar in Government Nazreth College here on Friday. The Director General (DG) NAB Mohammad Altaf Bawany while addressing the seminar titled ‘Role of Women In Eradication of Corruption from Society’ said the event’s purpose was to create awareness against corruption. Bawany highlighted the role of Character Building Societies established by NAB in various educational institutions and called for making them vibrant forums for prevention of corruption in the society.

“The youth in general and young women in particular are important as primary agents of change,” he observed.

He said it was time that their role in eradication of corruption was made more effective by disseminating awareness in them about the consequences of that menace.

He said the basic pillar on which entire edifice of family unit rests was women.

“Without sensitizing women with the menace of corruption, the society can’t be developed. The women have the power to shape the future,” the DG noted.

Bawany also called upon the teachers to contribute to their maximum by sensitizing the youth against corruption and by telling them how they could purge the society of that menace.

The DG observed that awareness among the youth had proved to be effective strategy that borne results to prevent corruption.

He told that Chairman NAB Justice ® Javed Iqbal had infused a fresh spirit in the process of accountability and positive results, in both enforcement as well as preventive efforts, were being achieved.

He underscored that women could also dissuade men from indulging in corruption and bringing ill gotten wealth to their homes.