Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States, Aizaz Chaudhry, said Saturday that utilisation of Pakistan’s land to attack anyone will not be allowed.

Speaking to an eight-member delegation of US journalists, Chaudhry said, the country “has sacrificed a lot in the fight against terrorism, and will not allow utilisation of its land to attack anyone."

“Economic statistics have improved due to the operation against terrorism,” the ambassador said, adding that Pakistan’s security situation has also improved significantly.

“Pakistan is against terrorism and conspiracies. The country’s wrong perception needs to be discarded, and it should be viewed in a new light,” Chaudhry stated.

He further told the journalists that the military operation has cleansed terror-ridden areas while developmental works are also underway.

“A positive image of Pakistan has emerged. The United Stated and other various global partners are investing in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).”

Chaudhry also reiterated that Afghanistan’s instability has affected Pakistan and the solution to the Afghan conflict lies in the hands of local stakeholders.

“Pakistan with other beneficiaries will work for the solution of Afghan issue while peace in Afghanistan is necessary to peace in South-Asia,” he said.

Talking about relations between Islamabad and Washington, Chaudhry stated that when US supported Pakistan, it was beneficial for both countries and moving forward, he hoped for a cordial relationship with the US.

Last month, the envoy had said Pakistan and US have worked together for seven decades and should continue to do so, and that any ‘breakdown’ in the relationship would be a mistake.