islamabad - The Academic Staff Association of Quaid-i-Azam University, on protest for weeks, announced on Friday to completely shut down the campus from the next working day due to non-fulfilment of their demand of removing Vice Chancellor.  

ASA, after five weeks of protest, has decided to lockdown the administration block and other departments under the administration including the transport section, said an official.

The academic activities in the university were already disturbed when the ASA protest started because the faculty members were not taking their classes, said official.

The statement issued by ASA said that the decision came in the aftermath of the five-week long protest, including two weeks of classes boycott.

General Secretary ASA Dr. Sohail Yousaf said that the teaching faculty had tried all options to solve the matter in a peaceful manner but the perfunctory attitude of the authorities pushed them to take this decision

“We will stick to our one point demand i.e. the resignation of the Vice Chancellor,” he said.

He accused VC Prof. Dr Javed Ashraf of intimidating and harassing the faculty members by issuing notices and explanation calls and deducting salary of some of the teachers.

He also alleged that the VC has illegally appointed the Director of the School of Management Sciences notwithstanding that the syndicate has voided this appointment. In the appointment of the Dean of Natural Sciences the principle of seniority was quashed.

He added that after a round of peaceful protest over a span of 5 weeks which fell on deaf ears, they boycotted the classes and QAU’s apparently dysfunctional for the last two weeks.

ASA representative also said that no proper action has been taken by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), federal ministry of education which was sought for playing a constructive role in this issue.

We now have no other choice but to go for the closure, he said.

ASA official also referred to the high level inquiry against the VC ordered by the President of Pakistan who happens to be the Chancellor of the university as well.

The inquiry report recommended the immediate removal of the incumbent VC from his post. “We are just demanding the implementation of this report,” he said.

VC QAU prof Dr. Javed Asharf said that any illegal action by ASA will be dealt with according to the law. He said that the ASA President has already been served an explanation letter for unlawful behaviour in the administration and will face legal action if he fails to give a satisfactory reply.

VC said that ASA demands have been rejected from all top corridors and their protest has failed as 80percent of the academic activities are underway in the campus.

He also said that majority of faculty members have submitted their results to the administration including one of the former ASA presidents involved in the protest.

VC said that no one will be allowed to take the law in his hand and written explanations will be sought from the persons involved in illegal activity.