GILGIT - A school-going girl committed suicide in the Altit area of Hunza on Friday after her parents allegedly did not allow her to get admission to a private school.

According to police, Sidra Ibrahim, 15, and an 8th grader at a government school in Altit, had just gotten admission to a private school but her parents, who were facing financial constraints, declined her to carry on with her education at the new set-up. The refusal prompted the young girl to commit suicide.

Local police told The Nation that the girl committed suicide by hanging herself with a ceiling fan.

The police said that the victim girl’s parents had been facing financial constraints and they could not afford to send their daughter to a private set-up.

Hunza district has the highest literacy rate in Gilgit-Baltistan with 95 percent of school-going children.

Majida, a social activist in Hunza, told The Nation that the performance of government schools in the area was satisfactory with a negligible fee and the suicide may have occurred due to some other reasons, may be psychological.

She said that social pressure may have led to this incident. Her teachers and parents may be responsible for the episode as they have failed to understand the problems facing the new generations. "People are trying to politicize the case for creating negative propaganda. The real picture might be different from the one they are showing us" she said.

According to GB police, over 400 youths including mostly from Ghizar district have committed suicide since 2000.