DAUD AHMAD - The focus of this project is to present the visual illustration of Paolo Coelho's novel “the fifth mountain”. The pictorial representation helps the viewers understand and grasp the main theme of the novel. This novel represents how people have strayed from reality, they have forgotten God and started following wrong beliefs whelming they run behind superstitions. People are ignorant about realities. They blindly follow the beaten tracks; such traditional trends will bring no positive change nevertheless it will further increase the catastrophic effects which may demolish and destroy everything. The researcher has used visual illustration to help people understand the issue as seeing is believing objects such as elaborating and explanatory placards, posters; pictorial diagrams are used, while struggling to guide people during campaign. As its human nature that people follow practical aspects more fluently and more comprehensive so to strengthen the campaign such techniques will work more effectively. After continuous struggle of any monotonous trend people want a change. It will gradually bring them towards light, so, they will start feeling restoration and reformation. By reading it the reader will feel an inner sense of satisfaction as he gets what Coelho wants his readers to get.


The writer is a student of MFA Illustration,

College of Art and Design, Punjab University.