ISLAMABAD-Internal rift between Capital Development Authority and Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad has forced citizens to drink non-chlorinated water in most parts of Islamabad.

Water chlorination is a process of adding chlorine or chlorine compounds such as sodium hypochlorite to water. This method is used to kill certain bacteria and other microbes in tap water as chlorine is highly toxic. The chlorination is used to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

However, the internal rift of both civic bodies over provision of funds suspended the aforementioned process and non-chlorinated water is being supplied in most areas of capital city.

Deputy Director Water Quality Control Cell in a letter written to Director Water Supply drew his attention towards the matter and informed him that according to lab tests, the non-disinfected or non-chlorinated water is being supplied since long from Simly Filtration Plant, Saidpur Water Works, Shahdara Water Works and Golf Course Water Works to the dwellers of capital.

The letter warned further that non-disinfected water is a great threat to the health safety of the consumers.

“It is very serious and sensitive matter but unfortunately no one form the concerned quarters gives priority or attention to ensure the supply of chlorination at the above mentioned sources of water,” the letter stated further, requesting: “Director Water Supply, MCI is requested to take action and ensure the proper chlorination of water at the subject sources.”

This is not the first letter but two similar letters were also written on the same subject on 28th February and 2nd March, 2020 as well but they were of no use.

The process of chlorination needs around Rs40 million annually. However, the required funds are not available with concerned directorate from last several months. Resultantly, the inhabitants are forced to drink non-chlorinated water.

When contacted, MCI’s spokesperson Mohsin Sharazi also informed that MCI had requested CDA for provision of funds but the file was rejected by CDA Chairman Amir Ali Ahmed in the last week of February.

“We will again request CDA to provide funds as currently the corporation does not have the required funds,” he said, hoping: “We are hopeful that the required funds would be released by CDA as it was providing earlier.”

On the other side, the CDA’s Director Public Relations Syed Safdar Ali said that the civic authority never compromised upon providing funding for essential items and safe drinking water is a basic facility.

He denied that funds were halted for this particular purpose and said that it is not the policy to stop funds for public facilities.