PARIS            -            Five EU countries have agreed to take in some migrant children who are stuck in Greece, amid continuing tension

on the Greek-Turkish border. European Commission

President Ursula von der Leyen thanked Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg

and Portugal. The numbers per country have not been announced yet - German media spoke of up to 1,500 in total. They are children

categorised as unaccompanied

and/or very sick. Greece’s migrant camps are overcrowded. Tens of thousands

of migrants and refugees

are stuck at Turkey’s land border with Greece, where Greek border guards have fired tear gas and water

cannon to keep them out. Many are Syrians fleeing the civil war, but there are also Afghans, Pakistanis and West Africans seeking a new life in the EU. In addition, in the past week more than 1,700 have landed on Lesbos and some other Greek Aegean

islands on boats from Turkey. Some angry locals have resorted to violence on Lesbos, where existing migrant camps are squalid and struggling to cope. Turkish

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will hold talks in Brussels on Monday evening with European Council President

Charles Michel and Commission President von der Leyen. At a news conference,

Ms von der Leyen said Turkey must move the asylum seekers away from the land border, as part of a solution to the migrant crisis. But she also said “we expect fundamental rights to be upheld, including the right to asylum”. She was apparently

reminding Greece of its responsibilities, after the authorities there, struggling

with the new influx, decided to suspend handling any new asylum claims for a month. The latest surge in numbers at the Greek border

came after Turkey announced

last weekend that