KARACHI       -          Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Syed Mustafa Kamal has said that the increase in the value of US dollar by Rs 2 has led to increase in the debt of the Pakistani nation by Rs 233 billion, just in a single day.

In his message released from Pakistan House, Kamal said that in the last 3 months, the global crude oil prices dropped by $ 60 a barrel and now the same stands at lowest $30. 

Which means petrol per liter in Pakistan should be available at a maximum of Rs 60  per liter even after the addition of all legitimate taxes, while the government has deceived public by reducing POL price by onlyRs 5.

 The government should immediately provide Rs 40 to 50 per liter relief to the public and enforce the new prices as soon as possible so that the mental stress that the people have been going through for the past 18 months, could relive.

There is no serious threat of Corona virus cases in the country at this time which could lead a negative trends in the markets. the dollar price rises to two rupees in a day which led to elimination of billions of rupees from the stock exchange.

The stock exchange volume has lost $ 3 billion in the past month. The government should investigate the dollar price hike so that it should not turn out to be an organized crime of mafia, like the recent sugar crisis.

  Reduction in crude oil prices in the international market is a great opportunity for the government, the current account deficit has been reduced to $ 5 billion without the government doing anything due to the fall in crude oil prices.

On this occasion, if the government sets the right economic plan, the country can be steadily pulled out of economic crisis and on its way to development.

The need is to provide maximum relief to the masses so that purchasing power can be increased and business activities restored, he said.

As the United States and other European countries are trying to regulate their industry by taking advantage of China’s slowing economic activities, the government of Pakistan should also try a comprehensive strategy to increase exports. Taking advantage of this opportunity, all the responsibility for improving the industry lies with the PTI-led federal government, he concluded.