Islamabad - Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday felicitated the Hindu community on the occasion of Holi.

“Wishing all our Hindu community a very happy and peaceful Holi, the festival of colours,” the prime minister said in his tweet on the occasion of Holi. The prime minister has once again set an example on how to be inclusive and show respect to other religions.

In Pakistan, the Hindu community celebrates the festival with a play of colours and also burns logs of wood to symbolise the victory of good over evil and observe Holi Pooja.

The Hindu community also throws colours blended in water, powdered colours and splash colour-filled balloons in what is also the first major festival of Hindus in the year.

On Sunday, the Balochistan government announced a two-day holiday (March 9 and 10) for the Hindu community to celebrate Holi.

Celebrated mainly in India, Nepal and other countries with large Hindu populations, Holi falls on the last full moon of winter.

In India this year, the festival was marked with a national holiday with thousands taking to the streets despite coronavirus fears in the country.

At least 30 positive cases have been reported in India so far, which has led the Indian government to caution against mass gatherings.