MOSCOW             -       Russia has been accused of hiring a network of British politicians and consultants to help advance its criminal interests and to “go after” Vladimir Putin’s enemies in London, MPs who drew up the Russia report suppressed

by Boris Johnson were told. In secret evidence submitted to parliament’s intelligence and security committee (ISC), the campaigner

and financier Bill Browder claimed Moscow had been able to “infiltrate” UK society by using well-paid British intermediaries. Some had “reason to know exactly what they are doing

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and for whom”, Browder told the committee. Others “work unwittingly for Russian

state interests”, he said. The alleged intermediaries include politicians from both Labour and the Conservative parties, former intelligence officers and diplomats, and leading public relations firms. Collectively, they form what Browder calls a “western

buffer network”. There is no suggestion in Browder’s testimony that British citizens

broke the law. The regime

in Moscow uses these professionals to mask