KARACHI       -            Leading United States delegation to Central Depositary Company (CDC) of Pakistan Limited, US Consul General in Karachi Rob Silberstein emphasized on taking more concrete steps on both sides to bring US and Pakistan’s economies closer for mutual benefits.

The foreign guests were welcomed by Chairman CDC Board of Directors, Moin M. Fudda. Representatives of leading Pakistani Corporates and US businesses in Pakistan were also present, said CDC release on Monday.

US Consul General Rob Silberstein lauded CDC achievements in transforming the Pakistani capital market.

He said “It is vital to take concrete steps to bring our two economies closer together for the benefit of both countries.”

The fact that so much of Pakistan’s financial sector had been built on the close people-to-people and business- to-business ties between two countries deserved appreciation, he added.

Rob Silberstein said U.S. and Pakistan could bring together expertise and technology for bigger future private sector projects as well as through more effective public-private partnerships.

CDC ‘s Chairman Moin M. Fudda spoke on the long-term bilateral relations and emphasized on taking more steps on both sides to boost economic ties for more trade and investment.

CDC’s CEO Badiuddin Akber, giving an overview on the Pakistan capital market landscape and CDC’s key role in its development, highlighted the association between CDC and its counterparts from the US capital market.