ISLAMABAD-A series of stunning photographs have captured the fierce, fashionable, and formidable women of a much-feared African tribe. Remarkable picture of the Mursi tribe, a community of 10,000 people in remote Ethiopia, shows a menacing woman cradling an AK47; a proud wife showing off her dotty 7-inch lip plate; and an elderly woman proudly displaying her impressive seashell attire whilst clutching a lip plate of her own. Another striking shot shows a teenager who has deliberately cut themselves and rubbed ash into the broken skin to make a pattern - a process known scarification.

Enormous lip plates, razor blades for deliberate scarring, and assault rifles. It is not what you would expect to find in many women’s wardrobe or beauty regime but take a trip to the Mursi tribe in the Omo Valley in east Africa and you can expect to see a woman donning all three.

Remarkable shots taken by Italian adventurer and photographer, Gianluca Chiodini, 41, showcase the unique beauty of one of the world’s most feared tribes, renowned for their prowess as warriors and capacity for murder. He recently travelled to Ethiopia to document their unique appearance.