ISLAMABAD               -            Former President Asif Ali Zardari’s health is deteriorating

fast amid the government’s

persistence to prove corruption cases

against him, close aides  said yesterday.PPP Vice President Sherry

Rehman claimed that the government was leaving

no stone unturned to press the PPP leadership.“Former President Zardari is seriously ill and the government is trying to put more mental

pressure on the Bhutto

family through their so-called accountability,” she told The Nation.The PPP parliamentary leader in the Senate, said the government must concentrate

on the genuine issues instead of trying to crush the opposition.PPP lawmaker Nafisa

Shah said  Zardari  had never  absconded from court. “He needs regular

medical attention. His health is fast deteriorating,”

she told The Nation.Zardari, she said,   is diagnosed

with L3,4,5 degenerative

spine and having

diabetic neuropathy.“Medical reports made by NAB doctors clearly mention that his major