Your readers will be delighted to know that a Pakistani-American national, Dr. Salman Akram, who holds a PhD in electrical engineering and works for a renowned American company in Idaho, USA, has won the unique distinction of being ranked as one of the top 10 most prolific inventors of the world. As of November 2007, he has had 612 inventions to his credit for which he has been granted patents by the prestigious US Patent and Trademark Office. Anyone wishing to confirm this fact can log onto the website: Dr. Salman is a 40-year-old young man and if he keeps going like this, he will have thousands of inventions to his credit by the time he turns 60. That will certainly merit him a distinguished place in history alongside the most prolific inventors. It is a signal honour for Pakistan and a matter of pride for all Pakistanis that a brilliant son of Pakistan has earned such fame with his scintillating achievements. Hardly anyone except his extended family knows of Dr. Salman's prodigious accomplishments. Would it not be in the fitness of things that, at the very least, the Government of Pakistan honoured him by conferring upon him the highest Pakistani civil award? -TANWEER-UL-SAQALAN, Lahore, via e-mail, April 24.