CAIRO (AFP) - Arab foreign ministers are to hold an emergency meeting on Sunday (tomorrow) on the Lebanon crisis amid fears about Iran's influence over the Hezbollah movement which seized control of west Beirut on Friday. "It has been decided to hold an emergency meeting of Arab foreign ministers on Sunday in Cairo, at the request of Egypt and Saudi Arabia, to put an end to the deadly battles in Lebanon," an Arab League official said. Saudi Arabia, a regional powerhouse and key US ally which backs the ruling majority in Lebanon, had led calls for the meeting in the wake of the fighting that has left 13 people dead and scores wounded. Arab League chief Amr Mussa cut short a trip to the US and returned to Cairo on Friday to prepare for it, his deputy told AFP. "Egypt and other Arab countries are very concerned by the actions of Hezbollah in Lebanon," an Egyptian diplomat told AFP on condition of anonymity. "A party backed by Iran cannot be allowed to take control of the running of Lebanon," the diplomat said. "The situation today in Lebanon is 10 times worse than it was yesterday and we are very concerned at what is happening, because that means that Iran wants to control the country."