In any other civilized country, where issues of public importance would have warranted an immediate response, PIA's criminal negligence of keeping potentially hazardous B737 flying despite clear-cut warnings is shocking. The fact that these aircrafts, as reported by your correspondent Amraiz Khan, were flying for over two years without any modification or proper inspections, proves that PIA bosses are even liable to commit criminal negligence leading to culpable homicide. Did it not merit the attention of PIA to invest in the modifications for the safety of passengers who fly on domestic routes? PIA's domestic fare structure is so high that the yield per seat per hour is higher on major high capacity domestic sectors than on international sectors like UK or USA/ Canada etc. Had PIA spent a few million dollars on these aircrafts, instead of leasing more aircrafts, which the management seems to be very eager to do, it would have served the clients that boost its revenues in domestic market. This criminal negligence goes beyond the tenure of Zafar A Khan, to the time when Tariq Kirmani was calling the shots. -MIR TASSADAQ, Lahore, via e-mail, April 24.