LAHORE - The Lahore High Court has issued notices to the secretary cabinet division, provincial and federal health secretaries, Sheikh Zayed Hospital board of governors and others on a petition challenging functioning of Dr Muhammad Saeed as professor at Post Graduation Medical Institute (PGMI) of Sheikh Zayed Hospital where he has been working for last 18 years. Justice Hafiz Tariq Naseem issued notices on the petition of two women assistant professors of PGMI, Dr Asifa Abbas and Dr Yasmin Shah. The judge directed the deputy advocate general to file reply on behalf of the cabinet division, both health secretaries, board of governors of the hospital and PGMI Sheikh Zayed Hospital till May 16. The judge also issued notice to Dr Saeed to file his comment. The petitioners submitted that Dr Saeed was functioning as Professor of Gynaecology at the PGMI contrary to the rules. They submitted that Dr Saeed was appointed as a doctor in Punjab health department and on 21 January 1990, he was sent to the PGMI as associate professor on deputation after placing his services at the disposal of federal govt. They alleged that on 01 January 1993, he obtained a letter from then PGMI dean Dr Mahmood Chaudhry mentioning him as permanent employee of the federal govt and promoted him as a professor. They submitted that on 24 April 1993, Dr Saeed's case was put up before the meeting of the departmental promotion and selection committee, which did not accepted his promotion as professor and as employee of the federal government. Since 25 April 1993, his case was not forwarded before any promotion committee or any competent authority therefore he should be considered as associate professor and an employee of the Punjab government not that of the federal government. They said that only a federal employee could perform in a federal institute. They said as per practice an employee was sent on deputation for 3 years but not for a longer period as was done in Dr Saeed's case. They said that under Section 6 (d) of the Sheikh Zayed Medical Institute Employees (Services Regulations, 1990) (amended), the employees on deputation would neither be regularised nor be placed on seniority list. They maintained that despite the fact that respondent was not capable of functioning at the post because his personal likings and disliking had created a tense atmosphere at the institution that had not only made it difficult for some doctors to continue their jobs but patients were also facing lot of difficulties in getting proper treatment. They said that the hospital management paid no heed to their regular complaints in this regard that compelled them (petitioners) to approach the LHC. They prayed that Dr Saeed be asked to explain that under what law he was functioning on the post of professor and considering himself as a employee of federal government since last 18 years. They also prayed that explanation from other respondents might be sought that under what law they had allowed him to function on the said post.