Unfortunately, one month back my ATM card blocked because of pressing the wrong digits while getting my account status on telephone. The next day, I submitted a written request for issuance of new ATM card in from the branch of a respected bank. The bank officer said that in seven working days, you will receive the card at your home and then you will have to collect the account key from the bank. After 15 days wait, I visited the bank and inquired about the status and was given a flimsy excuse. I submitted another application, waited another 15 days but I am still without an ATM card. The State Bank of Pakistan is requested to direct all public and private banks to establish their customer services department to facilitate the account holders that want ATM cards. The bank officers in branches do not give due importance to requests that do not concern their primary job of handling bank accounts. The customers of credit card, auto loan and personal loan customers are being ignored. -NAZAKAT HUSSAIN, Islamabad, via e-mail, April 25.