LAHORE - Deposed senior judge of the Lahore High Court, Khwaja Muhammad Sharif has said that the deposed judges will stand with the lawyers and civil society for the independence of judiciary if the commitment on judges' restoration is not made good. He said this while talking to a team of lawyers, led by SCBA vice-president Ghulam Nabi Bhatti and Executive Committee Punjab Bar Council chairman Syed Intikhab Hassan Shah, which called on him Friday to express solidarity with deposed Chief Justice of Pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary. The lawyers highly appreciated the statement of Justice Chaudhary wherein he opposed grant of legitimacy to the PCO judges. The team also showed to Justice Sharif the registered which contained signatures by over 25,000 lawyers pledging their commitment with the restoration of deposed judges and launching movement for their restoration and independence of judiciary in case judiciary was not put back to November 2 position. Advocate Khwaja Bilal and Advocate Azhar Hamid, the son and son-in-law of Justice Sharif, on the occasion also put their signatures on the register. Justice Khwaja Muhammad Sharif commending the efforts of the legal fraternity said that their movement would go down into history with golden words. In their struggle for the rule of law and independence of judiciary, he said not only lawyers but also civil society and common man rendered great sacrifices. Khwaja Sharif said that prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani gave assurance two times about the restoration of the judiciary, as it was on November 2 last, and on freedom of media as it was the reason the masses had voted for this political parties now in rule. If the judges were not restored, possibility could not be ruled out that the lawyers, political workers and civil society members would again be up in arms on the road, he added. He said in that eventuality, the deposed judges would also be standing with them in the interest of independence of judiciary and rule of law in the country. Khwaja Sharif while replying to a question said that the 7-member bench of the Supreme Court had then and there suspended operation of the PCO and the state of emergency declared on November 3 last and that order still held the field. This order, he said, also restrained the judges from taking oath under the PCO. He said that the SC order was applicable to everyone whether a layman or a judge or the president therefore, the decision about the judges who took oath under the PCO despite this order, would be taken by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhary and other senior judges. Justice Khwaja Sharif said that judges were united as they were fighting on principles. Speaking on the occasion, SCBA vice-president Ghulam Nabi Bhatti said that the lawyers would wait until May 12 next for the implementation of the commitment for the restoration of the judges and after that they would frame their line of action through their leadership. He said that future line of action would strictly be carried out. SCBA media coordinator Muhammad Azhar Siddique said that all the bar associations in the country were in close touch and just waiting for the call from the leadership to launch the movement in case judges were not restored. Executive members of the SCBA, Rana Farman Ali Sabir, Khwaja Tariq Suhail, Syed Murtaza Ali Zaidi, Raja Zulqurnain, Mian Abdul Qadus, Nasir Khan, Ch Ishtiaq Ahmad and Sikandar Javed advocates were the other members of the team.