LAHORE-The blame game and lack of coordination between the City District Government (CDG) and Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) have started hitting the electricity consumers hard as surprisingly the street lights stayed glowing at day time also. People talked to The Nation to vent their anger about loadshedding in their homes while streets lights were glowing in the daytime. 'It is a sheer wastage of electricity. I called LESCO officials to complain but they wanted me to call up City District Govt to register my complaint instead of taking action', said an Allama Iqbal resident. He said that the govt says there was severe shortage of electricity, but where they were getting electricity from to lit the streetlights at daytime. One of the LESCO consumer remarked that previously friends used to ask one another that when did the power go off, but now they asked when the power came and for how long it remained on. 'But it is really irritating to see the street lights glowing at day time'. They also pointed out that when the govt had forced them to face the sizzling days and hot nights but the do no bother to put off the streets lights even at daytime. They said that when power supply was shut down, the voltage fluctuated and many a times the voltage was so low that even the tubelights could not be turned on but the officials keep the streetlights bright. Dr Noor Afroze, calling from Jauhar Town, said she saw the street lights on during day time but her area had been without power supply from 2 pm to 8 pm, while the power supply remained disrupted eight to nine times for more than an hour daily. Another resident of resident of Gulberg, Shaharyar Raza said his area was without power supply from 1 am to 3 am once a week, however, their streetlights had been kept on during day time. Sadaqat Hussain from Iqbal Town said his area was without power supply from 2pm to 5pm, and the supply was disrupted three to four times during the morning for around 50 minutes each but he cannot understand as to why the officials let the streetlights glow. Lala Rafique from said that his area was without electricity from noon till 7.45 pm but, he asked from where they are getting power for street lights to be lit at day time. Qadir from Ichhra said his area and the neighbouring Rehmanpura, had been without power supply from 1 am 3 am but the streetlights are on during day time. A student, Abdul Hanif, from Iqbal Town, said his area had been without power supply from most of time but he was really annoyed to see the streetlights being lit at day time too. Fazle Mubin from Samanabad, said his area remained without power supply for over an hour for four to five times daily but the officials do not bother to put the streetlights off even during daytime. LESCO spokesman, on the other hand clearly mentioned that the streetlights were solely the responsibility of the City District Government and the company only was providing electricity to them. He said that he could not depute their staff just to put the streetlights on or off as it is duty of the City govt staff.